CORF was founded in 2005 as a R/C helicopter only flying field. Our field is located just minutes from Alum Creek State Park at 991 Curve Road in Delaware, OH. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and check us out. We welcome new members and anyone interested in R/C helis. Members are always willing to assist with setup and answer any questions.


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  1. Newbie. Just looking to see if there is anyone in the Delaware Ohio area into Helis. Got my first Blade 120 Sr back in August and been playing with it. I just got a Haulser 450 V2 Clone a week ago and already crashed it, bent the tail boom. Just checking out the who, what, when and wheres. Saw the Funfly sign Friday but did not find any field or folks around so didnt stay. Got a million questions to ask those that know how to fly these things. LOL

    • We are around. Not sure why you couldn’t find us. We were there all weekend. We fly on Sundays mostly and you are welcome to join us. The site is Behind the blue pole building. There’s a gate that says landfill closed. If the gate is open we are generally back there. Come on back.

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